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self watering "white"

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Self Watering Pot by Mr Kitly

Designed by Australian designer Richard Carlson, this self watering plant pot has been a classic of the indoor plant world since its launch in 1987. Simply plant your plant in as you would into any pot using good quality potting mix. Water from above the first time to help the potting mix settle in. Excess water gathers inthe waterwell at the bottom. The plant begins to wick up the water it needs from the waterwell via the potting mix. Once the waterwell at the bottom dires out it's bime to begin topping up the water via the waterwell at the bottom.Topping up via the waterwell helps the plant get a good airing out between watering. 

Colour | White

Drainage Hole | self watering

Measurements | Size






*Images courtesy of Mr Kitly

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