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Monstera Deliciosa x Alfie "blush"

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BUY | Plant only here

PLANT | Monstera Deliciosa, 30cm nursery pot diameter


LIGHT | Prefers a space with bright filtered light

WATER | Water regularly and moderately


BUY | Pot only here  

POT | Alfie large "blush"

POT SIZE | 38cm D x 38cm H 

BEST FIT |  30cm plastic growers pot


WE LOVE OUR PLANTS | so to give them a head start in their new homes we use a range of plant care including The Plant Runner plant food, soil & microbe booster & Munash soil food & foliage spray depending on the type of plant and the time of year.

*Note:  All of our plants are hand-picked from our growers and while your plant may not be the exact one pictured here, it will be just as healthy and lovely.

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