landscape brass hanging planter
landscape brass hanging planter

landscape brass hanging planter

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Wheel-thrown ceramic hanging planter with brass hanger set (a set of three or four rods) secured with a brass C-shape at the top for hanging. Inspired by time spent in Japan, hanging pots are a simple and functional vessel for trailing plants while retaining an aesthetic quality. Planters are made with a drainage hole, though can be made without a hole upon request.

Desert is a creamy gloss shino-like glaze on the inside and rim of the planter, with unglazed external walls, highlighting the black speckles of the raku and blushing orange-red where the glaze meets the raw clay. The clay body is a stoneware, terracotta and raku blend.

Laura hand makes very Leaf and Thread piece with care at her studio in East Brunswick, Melbourne.

Sizing: MEDIUM
Approx H13cm x W18cm, hanging length including pot approx 55cm. Custom length is available upon request. Comes with brass hanger set of three rods and brass C-shape.

Photography courtesy of Samee Lapham