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Burle Marx Fantasy 10cm (Plant Only)

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PLANT | Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy

DETAILS | 5 leaves, 4 nodes, established plant in aroid soil mix

LIGHT | Place in a space with medium to bright indirect light

WATER | Water regulary and moderately

POT SIZE | 10cm nursery pot

HEIGHT FROM | 25cm (measured from base of plastic pot)

POT | Not included, buy pot here

WE LOVE OUR PLANTS | so to give them a head start in their new homes we use a range of plant care including munash soil food & foliage spray and we the wild grow concentrate, support pellets & protect spray depending on the type of plant and the time of year.

*Note:  All of our unusual plants are grown from cuttings or seeds by growers selected for the quality of their mother plants. They all have established roots in either aroid or indoor soil mix depending on the plant needs. The plant pictured here is the exact one you are purchasing.

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