Pilea Pepe d 12cm

Pilea Pepe d 12cm

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PLANT | Pilea Peperomoide 

LIGHT | Prefers a well lit position, a window sill with no direct sunlight is perfect.

WATER | Let the soil dry out to about a half an inch from the top soil, if the leaves start to droop then that is a sign it needs more water

POT SIZE | 12 cm plastic pot


ADDED | Munash soil food & House Plant Hoarders Neem granules

*Note:  All of our plants are hand picked from our growers and while your plant may not be the exact one pictured here, it will be just as healthy and lovely. Your plant will be fed with Munash Soil Food & sprinkled with Neem Granules before it is delivered to you so all you will need to do it put in your home & enjoy.