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Neem Granules

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Houseplant Hoarders Neem Granules are a great natural alternative to synthetic fertilisers and may also act as a natural pest deterrent. 


Neem granules are the residue of Neem Seed Kernels after extraction of Neem Oil, making them a natural bio-product so eco-friendly! 


Naturally high in beneficial plant minerals neem granules can be also used as a soil conditioner to help restore lifeless plants.


The Hoarder's Plant Care Neem Granules may:

- Reduce the presence of insects and disease by acting as a deterrent (not insecticide)

- Increase the longevity of nitrogen in soil

- Act as a natural soil condition

- Aid in plant health & perk up any sad looking plants


(Please Note: Whilst having been used for decades as a natural insecticide, Neem is not a registered as an insecticide in Australia and cannot be marketed as such.)

Size: 150gm cylinder 

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