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Terracotta Ceramic Planters NOW 30% OFF

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$65.00 - $250.00
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Leaf & Thread wheel-thrown terracotta ceramic planters with glazed saucer. Terracotta is a rich, unglazed clay body that makes for a striking complement to all potted plants and pairs nicely amongst other glazed pots. Each pot has a drainage hole for direct planting.


Laura makes every Leaf and Thread piece by hand with care in East Brunswick, Melbourne.


Planters come in 6 sizes (Small, Medium, Large Tall, Large Wide, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large) and are designed to fit common indoor pot sizes.



Small: Approx H8cm x W10cm, perfect fit for terrarium sized plant pots, little cuttings, or hoya varieties.


Medium: Approx H13cm x W15cm, perfect fit for 13cm indoor plant pots.

Large Wide: Approx H14cm x W18cm, perfect fit for mixed succulent planting, mixed fern planting, or re-potting your growing plant from a medium size when it needs a bigger home.


Large Tall: Approx H18cm x W13cm, perfect fit for 13cm indoor plant pots.

Extra Large: Approx H18cm x W18cm, perfect fit for 15cm and 17cm indoor plant pots.

Extra Extra Large: Approx H20cm x W20cm, perfect fit for 17cm and 20cm plant pots.


Photography by Samee Lapham

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